Donacasa Canarias

Betancuria/ Fuerteventura

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Donacasa Canarias
Urb. Aguas Verdes
35637 Playa de Santa Inés

Managing director
Torsten & Oliver Zwerenz

Phone: +34 928 878332
Mobile: +34 670 396188


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of Aguas Verdes

DONACASA now also on the Canaries. We sell and build wooden houses on a turnkey basis.

DONACASA sells and builds a wide range of prefabricated wooden houses, garden sheds, garages, pergolas, terraces, garden furniture, etc., with headquarters in Vitoria and representation for the Canary Islands on Fuerteventura.

The houses are prefabricated in a modern factory in Lithuania, and depending on the model they are made of solid wood or made with a framework of laminated beams and walls in a sandwich system.

The unbeatable price-performance ratio, the pleasant environment, good thermal insulation and the fast construction are some of the major advantages of the wooden houses of DONACASA, that meet all building regulations.


Planning, sales, import and assembly of the wooden houses of DONACASA

After more than 30 years experience in the construction business, we now offer the DONACASA prefabricated wooden houses, with double glazing, wooden floors and assembly on the Canary Islands, including installation of water, electricity and sanitation. With the architect in the team of DONACASA CANARIAS, if desired we can offer turnkey wooden houses, including architects project and construction management, at a great price.

And if you do not have the plot for your wooden house, we search one for you, so far as you could not find one in the database of

If you have the opportunity to visit us in Vitoria on the mainland, we would show you our large exhibition of wooden houses at the Vitoria Gorbea Mall.

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions regarding the wooden houses, or visit / follow us on

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Wooden houses of DONACASA, inexpensive, quick to set up and comfortable living environment.
Wooden houses of DONACASA, inexpensive, quick to set up and comfortable living environment.
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